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Welcome to Glorious Hallelujah! This is a place for a discussion on the hard and the beautiful. A place where we dig into the truth of God's Word and experience Him in our lives. This life is hard, but our God is good. I pray that as you spend time here, you are inspired to go for God; to embark on your own personal journey of a deeper and more purposeful relationship with Him - one that causes you to fall deeper in love with the One who created you and trust Him in all things. I hope that we can shift our lives by living, not for today or what this world has to offer, but in such a way that eternity is always before our eyes. My hope is that you leave this website a little better off than when you first came. That you leave with a greater understanding of who God is in your life and how great His love is for you, and I hope that love will cause you to trust Him more.


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