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God With Us

"All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet: 'Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel'

(Which means God with us)."

God has always wanted us to be with Him. When He created humanity, He put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, a place where they could fellowship in His presence. Think about it, Adam literally walked with God. Could you imagine taking a walk with God, where He was right there with you?? It would be so amazing, so fulfilling, so satisfying. Adam and Eve had that. But then they sinned and altered that relationship. They were forced out of the Garden and were no longer in the very presence of God. Ever since then, humanity became stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to satisfy themselves outside of God; something that is impossible to do.

We became a people who traded relationship with God for the satisfaction of physical pleasures. We became a people who would rather seek after whatever will give us an immediate sense of satisfaction than waiting on the very God who created and loves us. We were separated from God. But out of His love, God demonstrated His heart towards us when He sent Jesus. God's physical presence entered our lives once again. Immanuel, God with us. He didn't just decide to be with us when He sent Jesus though. We see Him all throughout history stepping into the lives of His people through the judges, prophets, angels, etc.. And if we look at the verse above, it references a writing from the prophet Isaiah, which came approximately 700ish years before Jesus was born. God was already preparing to physically step into humanity, 700 years before He actually did. His desire was there the entire time. He wants you. He's always wanted you. Just because you can't see Him moving, doesn't mean He isn't. He is a faithful God.

I need the reminder sometimes that God has a plan of redemption. Often I want Him to answer my prayers on my timeline and in the manner in which makes sense to me. But God doesn't work like that. Sometimes we have to wait, just like they had to wait for Jesus to come. And that's okay. When you're being called to wait, remember that Jesus was worth waiting for. Whatever God has for you will be worth waiting for too.

God never fails and He is faithful to His promise. Even when His people couldn't see Him moving throughout their lives and the lives of those who came before them, God was working to fulfill His promise. If you're waiting on God and wondering if He will fulfill His promises in your life, remember His faithfulness. Remember that He is moving even when you don't see it. Remember His goodness. Remember Jesus.

Jesus is God with us. Even though humanity once stepped outside of the freeing presence of God, God stepped back into humanity. So now, just like Adam walked in the Garden with God, and Jesus' disciples walked with Him, we get to walk with His Holy Spirit. We have God with us again. Hallelujah! God has always wanted us to be with Him. Let's be a people who want to be with Him in return.

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